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Healthy Employees—Increased Productivity and Morale

The Living Well Alliance is committed to providing quality wellness services to your employees.

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We strive to understand your company’s unique population and health needs in order to best meet your wellness goals. Our effective, preventive-health services are easy to implement. Screenings are complimentary and confidential.

Videos by the Living Well Alliance Team

Christy Goff was featured on Q13 News discussing foods that help boost your immune system. You can see the interview below.

Christy Goff shows us a creative way to meal plan using broccoli. You can watch the cooking video below.

Christy Goff discusses how we can reduce our added sugar in take. You can watch the video below.

Christy Goff discusses creative ways to cook with sardines, while keeping your brain healthy at the same time. You can watch the video below.