If you've decided that a vasectomy is the right family-planning option for you, our weekend clinics offer the consultation and procedure in one convenient appointment.

Meet our vasectomy specialists, and learn more about their practice philosophies and special interests:

Dr. Michael Han
Michael Y. Han, MD
Dr. Donald Pick
Donald Pick, MD

"From my perspective, a vasectomy is the best solution for permanent birth control," says PacMed urologist Dr. Michael Han. "It’s much less invasive and much less dangerous than sterilization techniques for women."

Our urologists use a no-scalpel technique, which decreases the size of the incision and takes just 20 minutes. "Most patients are pleasantly surprised by how little pain was involved," adds Dr. Han.

In time, based on patient demand, we plan to expand this weekend vasectomy service to other clinics, such as Renton and Northgate.

If you are considering a vasectomy, please watch the videos below and download the vasectomy fact sheet. Then, speak with your primary care doctor or urologist, who will be happy to answer your questions as you explore your options. To schedule an appointment, please call 206.505.1300.

What happens when I come in for a vasectomy?

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Additional Information:

To schedule an appointment, use our online appointment request form or call 206.505.1300.

Patients can now have both a consultation with a urologist and the procedure on the same day.

We offer a convenient, same-day vasectomy clinic on weekends.