AMGA Patient Satisfaction Survey Ranks PacMed Among Top in the Nation

Pacific Medical Centers (PacMed) is pleased to announce that it received an outstanding overall patient satisfaction score in a recent survey conducted by the American Medical Group Association’s (AMGA) Patient Satisfaction Benchmarking Program for 2008.

PacMed scored in the 82nd percentile for its overall patient visit, placing it among the very best healthcare providers in the region. A remarkable 77 percent of PacMed patients surveyed reported their overall visit as “excellent” – the highest rating on AMGA’s five-point scale. This compares to the national average of 63 percent of patients who rated their overall visit as excellent.

PacMed has a continued focused on a personalized approach to patient care. From treatment plans designed by some of Washington’s best physicians, to routine cholesterol and blood pressure checkups – PacMed’s dedicated team offers comprehensive care to each and every patient.

PacMed is especially proud of their clinic staff who have helped build a robust patient service program to identify and address patient needs and ensure they are receiving the personal care and attention they deserve. With 88 percent of patients surveyed saying they would definitely recommend their PacMed physician to others based on their overall experience, this integrated, staff-driven effort is proving to be successful.

In addition, the survey found the following:

  • 74 percent of patients in the sample reported their experience as “excellent” based on the amount of time they spent with their physician.
  • 76 percent believed their physician did an outstanding job of explaining to them their medical conditions and treatment options.
  • More than 80 percent reported that their physician had excellent technical skills and personal manners.

The survey polled 2,883 patients receiving services across PacMed’s network of clinics and service providers over a three week period in 2008.