U.S. Army Vet Ryan Baldwin joins PacMed staff after visiting as a patient

U.S. Army Vet Ryan Baldwin
U.S. Army Vet Ryan Baldwin

“There’s a sense of caring with the staff that is really not something that you see at every health care location.”

Last month at PacMed’s New Employee Orientation, we met Ryan Baldwin, whose story about joining the team shows how tangible the caring is at PacMed. Here’s how Ryan tells it:

“I moved up into Seattle and I started looking for other options for health care, which is when I found out about U.S. Family Health Plan…. I ended up enrolling in USFHP and establishing care at the Beacon Hill Clinic, here at PacMed. I noticed my first experience there was really great, the staff was really friendly, they really seemed to care about me as a patient.

“It seemed like every time I had an interaction with a physician at PacMed, that the service was always excellent. And I noticed that also about the clinical support staff—the front office, the medical assistants that were rooming me and interacting with me—at every point of contact with PacMed, I always received really great care.

“I was really thrilled by that, because changing over—it was something new to me. All the staff I encountered, they were courteous, and they were friendly. They’re proactive—when I walk into the clinic, I don’t have to be the one who seeks someone out to greet me; they identify me early on and are attentive to me right away as I enter the clinic. They take the time to listen, and they explain things, and provide patient education and make sure I understand the plan of care and follow through with that. There’s a sense of caring with the staff that is really not something that you see at every health care location.

“I was commuting to Pierce County for my prior position, and I was looking for something closer to home… PacMed was at the forefront of my search. I saw their clinic supervisor position for the GI Oncology/Infusion, and being that I had prior experience at the Polyclinic, I definitely was interested that, and I reached out and applied.

“There’s different options here in the Seattle area for employment and work in healthcare, but from my experience as a patient here at PacMed, and seeing the quality of care that was provided—and as it seems not to be an isolated instance, with one person, but it seemed to be a culture of the workplace here, and the care environment here—that really caused me to gravitate toward this organization as something I want to be a part of.

“Now that I’m here as a clinic supervisor, I couldn’t be more thrilled. I’m happy to bring insight from the patient perspective as well as an employee of PacMed now.”

November 2018

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