Community Checkup Press Release


PacMed's leads in quality care, proven by measurements

Seattle, November 30, 2012- Pacific Medical Centers (PacMed), with eleven clinic locations in the greater Puget Sound area, has been ranked as one of Puget Sound's top health care providers in the Puget Sound Health Alliance's 2012 Community Checkup. PacMed was the largest medical group to receive every measurement in the "regional average and above regional average" categories.

"This is the best score we have received to date and we are proud of this achievement. Once again, the Puget Sound Health Alliance's results validate that we have the right measurements in place to improve the health of our patients and the communities we serve. We do this by empowering patients to actively manage their own health." said PacMed's CEO. "The measurements are an effective tool for our patients and the community to benchmark PacMed's performance. At PacMed, our goal is to closely partner with our patients to help them live their healthiest lives, especially those patients managing chronic illnesses such as diabetes."

The Community Checkup is a report published annually that measures the quality of care provided by medical groups and clinics in the Puget Sound region in an effort to improve the quality and affordability of health care in our region. There are 21 measures that are reported on at the medical group level. For example, the measures include routine quality checks for diabetes care which consists of cholesterol testing, blood sugar testing, eye exams and kidney disease screening; the use of appropriate medication to control asthma; and for prevention measures including screening for breast cancer, screening for cervical cancer and screening for chlamydia, to name a few. Each measure must have 160 patients in that specific category to be publicly reported.

Each health care provider was rated "above regional average," "at regional average," or "below regional average" for each measure on which they are publicly reported. Of the 20 measures on which PacMed was evaluated, 13 measures were "above the regional average," and seven were at "the regional average." PacMed did not receive any measurements in the "below regional average" category.

"At Pacific Medical Centers, we strive for the highest quality of care which in turn translates into the best health possible for each of our patients" said Dr. Vik Dabhi, chief medical officer at PacMed. "The Community Checkup provides an important objective benchmark for our region and our patients. The report confirms that PacMed's emphasis on quality ensures the delivery of excellent healthcare to our community."

The results in the Community Checkup are based on the care 2 million people living in the Puget Sound who have received care from their medical groups from July 2010 to June 2011. Both Medicaid and commercially insured patients are included in this report. To view results for all measures included in the Community Checkup see

About Pacific Medical Centers

Pacific Medical Centers is a private, not-for-profit, multi-specialty healthcare network of 10 locations with 150 primary and specialty care providers. Its eleven locations are in Puget Sound neighborhoods in Beacon Hill, Canyon Park, Federal Way, First Hill, Lynnwood, Northgate, Seattle, Renton, Totem Lake and Puyallup. Pacific Medical Centers serves patients with commercial insurance, retired military and their families, family members of active-duty personnel, as well as the underserved in our community.

The Puget Sound Health Alliance

The Puget Sound Health Alliance is a non-profit with 165 member organizations consisting of those who provide, pay for and use health care, working to improve quality of care at a price more people can afford. A cornerstone of the Alliance work is the Community Checkup, a regional report to the public comparing the performance of clinics and hospitals for basic measures of quality care in the Puget Sound area.