Pacific Medical Centers Receives NCQA Patient Centered Medical Home Recognition

Learn about our newest NCQA Medical Home recognition.

PacMed has received Patient Centered Medical Home™ (PCMH) recognition from the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) for its efforts to provide patients with a personalized and highly coordinated health care experience while creating a home-like environment.


“The NCQA’s PCMH recognition is another example of our developing a long-term personal relationship with each patient while providing high-quality medical care,” said PacMed's CEO. “Our physicians are working together to provide a true ‘medical home’ experience by engaging with our patients. We take the time to listen and respond to their concerns, work with them to design the most appropriate course of treatment, provide timely answers and we check-in regularly with patients to ensure they don’t slip through the cracks.”

The Patient Centered Medical Home is a concept of care driven by a patient-focused philosophy, where the primary goal is to create a ‘home-like’ environment that is safe and non-threatening for patients to let down their guard and be involved in their own personal care. It fosters partnerships between physicians and their patients, and if appropriate, the patient’s caregiver. Using a coordinated system with strong channels of communication the patient is able to receive care in a safe environment, from providers who are sensitive to their needs.

“By offering this program to our patients, we’re able to make sure that none of our patients are wasting time and resources on duplicative tests, rushing from one clinic to another, refilling the same forms, or waiting around for results,” added PacMed's CEO. “Here, patients are at the very center of their own care, which helps maintain peace of mind and build greater trust with their doctors.”

PacMed has developed a truly robust, systematic way to maintain personalized and consistent communication with patients on matters involving diagnostic testing, monitoring, and disease treatment. Each of these systems is designed to include every PacMed patient, and can be especially beneficial to those suffering from or at risk for chronic diseases such as diabetes and cancer.

To receive this recognition there are nine standards and 10 must-pass elements, two of which include case management and patient access to care. An example of how PacMed met the case management requirement is through the development of their Diabetes Case Management Program, designed to help diabetic patients stay on track with their treatment plan. Through this program, patients are matched with a specific nurse, who helps develop a personalized plan based on individual goals. Individual goals may include maintaining a regular exercise program, consistently checking blood sugar levels, taking medications correctly, etc. PacMed’s commitment to providing its patient’s access to care has been demonstrated through its extended clinic hours, same-day appointments, and Saturday appointments at its Canyon Park clinic. In addition, PacMed specialists practice at each of its 10 clinics, providing patients with the ability to see multiple physicians during one visit, saving time for the patient and ensuring quality care for each patient in a shorter amount of time.