Secure Messaging Doc Halo Announces Contract with Pacific Medical Centers

Doc Halo, a leading secure texting solution for healthcare organizations that enables physicians and medical clinicians to safely communicate within a HIPAA-compliant platform, today announced that Pacific Medical Centers (PacMed), a leading multi-specialty network with 150 providers and nine locations in the Puget Sound region, will offer the Doc Halo secure texting solution to its physicians.

With the Doc Halo secure texting app, medical professionals are assured that their stored and sent smartphone messages and images are encrypted and HIPAA compliant.

With more medical professionals routinely texting and sending messages to their peers with mobile devices, the need for a solution to transmit critical, time-sensitive protected health information (PHI) has indeed become an area of vital importance for medical groups, physician networks and healthcare organizations.

“Doc Halo provides an efficient, real-time, private technology to an industry entrusted with the health and well-being of patients,” said cofounder and CEO of Doc Halo, Jose Barreau, MD. “The medical industry has seen an exponential increase in the use of smartphones by professionals to communicate with staff, with medical peers and with other physicians and technicians within a network. With the general increase in practice of BYOD (bring your own device) in hospital and medical settings throughout the industry, there has come an imminent need to secure patient data that is being stored and sent across mobile devices.”

“At PacMed, our goal is to help our patients live healthier lives by focusing on prevention and health instead of focusing on illness,” said Dr. Alexander Park of Pacific Medical Centers. “We are always looking for ways to better coordinate care for our patients, and the Doc Halo service helps our physicians communicate with each other more easily while ensuring patient information remains secure.”

Doc Halo has become a strategic partner for Pacific Medical Centers in fulfilling its healthy, patient-focused philosophy and its mission to provide the highest level of healthcare.

For more information on Doc Halo, visit or call 1.855.362.4256.

About Doc Halo

Doc Halo sets the professional standard for healthcare communication offering secure messaging for physicians, medical practices, hospitals and healthcare organizations. The Doc Halo secure texting solution is designed to streamline HIPAA-compliant physician and medical clinician sharing of critical patient information (PHI) within a secure environment.

About Pacific Medical Centers

Pacific Medical Centers is a private, not-for-profit, multi-specialty healthcare network of nine locations with 150 primary and specialty care providers. Its nine locations are in Puget Sound neighborhoods in Beacon Hill, Canyon Park, Federal Way, First Hill, Lynnwood, Northgate, Puyallup, Renton and Totem Lake. Pacific Medical Centers serves patients with commercial insurance, retired military and their families, family members of active-duty personnel, as well as the underserved in our community.