It’s safe to get the care you need

Drive-Thru Clinic

Don’t delay on your health needs. Virtual visits and safe, in-person visits are available.

At PacMed, keeping you healthy is our #1 concern. While COVID-19 initially delayed many visits, we want to make sure you continue getting the care you need, when you need it.

If you delayed or had an appointment cancelled or postponed recently, click here or contact us to reschedule.

Our care teams will assess whether a virtual visit might be right for you. If you come into a clinic, you can feel comfortable knowing we are taking every precaution to ensure your visit with us is safe.

To get care from the safety and convenience of home, we offer telehealth virtual visits on the Zoom platform. Our care teams will assist you in determining if your visit type is best handled virtually.

Learn more about Telehealth

If your health needs bring you to an in-person examination, you’ll see the following new safety practices in our clinics. These measures ensure your visit with us will be safe and in accordance with state and national guidelines:

  • eCheck-in through MyChart will reduce your time and exposure at the front desk. Please check in via MyChart, up to four days in advance.
  • Masks. All staff and patients are required to wear masks. If you have a personal mask at home, please bring it with you and put it on before entering the clinic.
  • Screening. When you enter the clinic, we will take your temperature and ask a series of questions. Those showing symptoms may be diverted to another area, and non-essential guests may be asked to wait in the car.
  • Social distance. Floor markers in some areas will remind you to keep at least 6 feet away from others. Please also limit the number of people in tight spaces, like elevators.
  • Cleaning. We regularly wipe down high-touch areas in our clinics. You can help by washing your hands and/or using our hand sanitizer stations during your visit.
  • Drive-thru testing. Patients who screen for symptoms of COVID-19 utilize our drive-thru clinic in the parking lots of our Northgate, Beacon Hill and Renton clinics. In this way we can reduce potential exposure to our clinical teams and create a safe environment inside the clinics for our patients.​
  • Lower volumes. We are utilizing virtual visits where possible and intentionally spacing in-person appointments out, to reduce the number of people in our clinics.
  • Cashless payments. We are no longer accepting cash or checks in our clinics. You can still pay by debit/credit card, through MyChart, or by mailing your check in. (See details.)

If you have questions about what to expect on your return to the clinic, please give us a call at 1.888.4PACMED/1.888.472.2633.

Services Reopening
Most visit types are opening back up on the following timetable. You can schedule an appointment during our new clinic hours, between 8 AM - 5 PM, Monday through Friday.

Schedule now online, through MyChart or by calling 1.888.472.2633.

Starting May 5:

  • Primary Care: All visits, annual check-ups, immunizations/injections and behavioral medicine.
  • Specialties: Physical therapy, infusion therapy, eye exams, in-lab sleep studies.
  • Procedures: minor surgeries (non-facial), gynecological, cystoscopy, botox, some cardiovascular procedures, pain procedures without sedation.
  • Scans and studies: X-ray, labs, CT, Dexa, nuclear stress tests, lower-extremity vascular studies, muscle and nerve studies.

Starting May 18:

  • Specialties: Neuropsychology (with testing).
  • Procedures Colonoscopy, prostate biopsy, pain procedures with sedation, minor facial procedures.
  • Scans and studies: MRI, Mammography.

Starting June 1:

  • Procedures: Nebulizer treatments, upper endoscopy, laryngoscopy.
  • Scans and studies: Pulmonary testing, treadmill stress testing, CPAP studies.

Thanks for joining us in taking these steps to keep you, other patients, and our staff healthy and safe.

Schedule now online, through MyChart or by calling 1.888.472.2633.

We look forward to seeing you soon!
Your PacMed Care Team

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