Diabetes Care at PacMed

Welcome to diabetes care at PacMed. We are here to support you as you learn to live with diabetes.

Our highly respected program offers a professional, compassionate team that coordinates your care. We’ll work with you to achieve your best health.

In the US, one in twelve people have diabetes, and a diabetes diagnosis can feel overwhelming at first. At PacMed, we’ll be with you every step of the way to care for your diabetes as a team. At first, you may have more frequent appointments to help control blood sugars. Your care may include visits with your primary care provider and nurses, telephone visits to check in, and visits with registered dietitians to help with nutritional planning.

You’ll also find diabetes classes to build your knowledge and skills—and your family and friends are welcome to attend, too. You can connect with other patients in a support group or learn how some of our "star" diabetes patients found a successful path forward.

Learn more about the PacMed Diabetes Management Program and why to choose PacMed.

I am...

Newly diagnosed
I have diabetes, now what? Learn more.

Living with diabetes
I’d like to learn ways to manage it better. Learn more.

Wondering if I’m at risk for diabetes
I’d like to learn about screening and my diabetes risk. Learn more.

Close to someone with diabetes
How can I be helpful to a friend or relative who has diabetes? Learn more.

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