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Summer 2020

Inside This Issue:

From frontline to quarantine
Currently, many nursing home residents find themselves stranded inside. PacMed’s Dr. David True has been caring for them for decades.
New protocols. Same promise.
Our new normal still puts your health and safety first.
Let us stand against racism
PacMed wants to state, loud and clear, that racism needs to end, in all forms and everywhere.
Outdoor exercise during COVID-19
I encourage physical activity as an elixir for health for most everyone. But how do we exercise outside this summer—while exercising caution—during the current public health crisis?
Summer teens—and the livin’ isn’t easy
As the warm weather beckons to teens finding their way in our slip-slidey new world, parents can meet them where they’re at to offer support and help them stay safe.
Recipes - Campfire Banana Splits and Herbed Ricotta or Tahini Toast
A yummy old-time camper’s trick and a quick, cool lunch
Telemedicine helps save daughter’s life
When 8-year-old Phoebe had stomach pain in the midst of the COVID crisis, her parents Sara and Robbie first thought it might be her lactose intolerance.

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