Testimonials for the Living Well Alliance

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  • From a participant: I wanted to tell you that the health screening that the Living Well Alliance organized for the college was life changing. I have never had my potential health risks so clearly pointed out. Using my own numbers and data the nurse helped me see what I could do to lower my risk of diabetes. She made it so simple.

    I have lost 30 pounds. I have excised regularly since the session. My cardiac stamina has improved and frankly I feel better. My cholesterol came down from 189 to 169. My blood pressure is 122/70 and I have decreased by BMI by 2 percent.

    This is no longer an "I need to lose weight issue” but instead my personal opportunity to build into my long term health. My husband, following my lead has lost 25 pounds. So, special thanks today for all you do to bring healthy information to the employees at the college. It does make a difference."–Theresa

  • From an employer: "The Living Well Alliance has played a significant role in my company’s wellness program by providing free education and preventive wellness services. We are fortunate to have such high-quality community resources available in the Seattle area. I highly recommend their services to any employer looking for a valuable addition to their wellness program." –Timber, Vice President, Human Resources
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orange bullet From an employer: "Thank you and the rest of your staff so much for doing the diabetes screening for our employees yesterday, November 12th. It was such a pleasure working with you and the rest of your staff because you were all very well organized, professional, and were great at making employees feel comfortable while they were getting their screening done.

"I know that I was very hesitant to get my screening done, but I was definitely glad that I did. Seeing the actual numbers written down and knowing my own numbers helped me to realize that I need to start making some healthy changes to bring my levels to a normal range. It helped me to hear some suggestions from you on simple changes that I could make to achieve my wellness goals.

"I look forward to working with you again in the future. And I appreciate your partnership in helping our employees get on the road towards wellness." –Celia, Human Resources Coordinator-Benefits

  • From an employer: "In our partnership with the Living Well Alliance in the past couple of years, they have proved to be a valuable community resource, specifically for seniors and their families. In addition to our home care services, Comfort Keepers provides educational, informative, nonbiased classes for seniors in south King County, and have worked with several staff from the LWA who come and teach on an area of their expertise. These teachers have all been knowledgeable, interactive, and engaging; and the content has been outstanding as well. We have gotten such great feedback from not only the attendees but the staff at all the senior centers where we host these presentations. The entire staff at Living Well Alliance has truly been a blessing and an enormous asset to the senior community in South King County!" –Sheila Goodfellow, CSA, Community Relations Director, Comfort Keepers