Yoga At Work

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Presented by the Living Well Alliance

Yoga classes are great to offer as part of your wellness program. Not only does yoga help strengthen and stretch the physical body, it also helps calm the mind, relieves anxiety and provides tools for stress management and daily living.

Benefits of workplace yoga:

  • Classes can be offered in the morning, at lunch hour or after work—or any other time of day that works for your office.
  • Classes can be held every other week, monthly or quarterly.
  • One-time classes for special events, conferences, etc. can be booked.
  • Length of classes generally ranges from 30 min to 90 min.
  • Great for all ages, fitness levels and body types. All of our classes are “All Levels” classes unless otherwise requested. Teacher will provide music and offer many suggestions for each pose.

Additional classes offered:

  • Move & Meditate: This class starts with 10 minutes of meditation followed by 30-45 minutes of yoga. The class teaches key meditation practices in a bite-size way so you get the benefits of meditation without feeling overwhelmed from a long practice. Benefits from this approach include de-stressing your physical body combined with strengthening and relaxing postures. Each class ends with another meditation to center your mind and leave you with a peaceful feeling of bliss. This class is great for both beginners who want to learn to meditate and others looking to strengthen their current meditation practice.
  • Yoga & Nutrition: 30-40 minutes of yoga with 20-30 minutes of bite-sized nutrition talks on your topic of choice. Popular classes that go well with this offering are Stress Management, Heart Healthy and Food for Thought. Classes are for all levels and all bodies.
  • Beginner Series: Schedule a series of five classes to give the basics of yoga, including basic form, alignment and how to use props to make poses more accessible. Limit to 10 students.

Tips for starting a workplace yoga program:

  • Encourage students to wear comfortable clothing and bring their own mats.
  • Pair yoga days with casual dress days, or designate time to change before and after class. Classes are designed to be low impact but may cause perspiration. It is advisable to plan accordingly.
  • The company must provide an open space suitable for the yoga class: boardrooms, large offices and rooftop decks are all popular choices.

Payment Options:

  • For a 1-hour session, company pays base fee of $100 for 10 students, and then $10/additional student.
  • Class pass for yoga: Book 5 sessions for $500, or 10 sessions for $800—with no additional fee for >10 students. Class pass must be used within a year of booking.
  • Christy will invoice the company. Checks must be sent to Pacific Medical Centers within 30 days of invoice.

About the Instructor

Christy Goff works as the Registered Dietitian leading Living Well Alliance, an initiative of Pacific Medical Centers to make the latest scientifically based wellness tips and education accessible to employees where they work.

As a yoga instructor, Christy’s philosophy is to provide yoga for all levels and abilities, making students feel comfortable and empowered. She incorporates themes to enlighten students to think outside the box and bring yoga philosophy to the modern world. She received her 200-hour teaching certificate in February 2019 from the Rasa Yoga training program with Greta Hill. Christy has been practicing yoga for over 7 years and enjoys not only the physical benefits of strength and flexibility, but also its power to release stress, calm the mind and remind her of the positivity and wonder the world can offer. She is currently teaching classes in the community, to her friends and in offices around the Puget Sound area.