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Diagnostic Center for Sleep Health Pacific Medical Center

What do our patients say?

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“I would like to thank Jodi [polysomnographic technologist] for being personable and friendly.”

“When I was feeling very tired or sleepy, I asked if I can have a cup coffee, the nurse got me a cup of coffee right away. The coffee was very good.  I needed it before I drove home.  I really appreciate how much they care.”

“I would like to thank Jodi for her professionalism and making the sleep study a comfortable experience.”

“I have always received wonderful care from the doctors and polysomnographic technologists at PacMed. They go beyond the call of duty in meeting your needs. I would like to thank apnea specialist, Gregory for his outstanding concern in calling 911 when I started to have cardiac arrhythmia…Dr. Massey is awesome as my heart doctor. The best.”

“Love the new sleep lab at Northgate. Bed is great! I would like to thank Jodi for answering all of my questions and telling me exactly what I needed to do and when.”

“I would like to thank Greg for being a very good caregiver.”

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