What do our patients say?

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From our First Hill (Madison) patients:

“I was diagnosed with cancer, and Dr. Ahmed was my oncologist throughout my treatment. I am now considered “cured” and come in for a yearly check-up. I am very fortunate to have been under the care of one of the finest doctors I have ever known during the most difficult time of my life. She is brilliant and compassionate and always made my wife and I feel involved and a part of my own healing. I will be forever grateful for her skill, compassion and support.”

“I have been with Dr. Smith for over 20 years. He is an excellent physician who is compassionate, communicative and committed to my health as a patient. At the same time, he encourages me to be aware of my own health and take responsibility for maintaining it. And he knows a heck of a lot of internal medicine.”

“I have gone to Dr. Cufley for many years. I think she is current with research developments relevant to my health concerns, always offers good advice, is supportive and is interested in my maintaining my health and wellness. As I age, I am increasingly reliant on her good judgment as I enter uncharted territory.”

Dr. Pick and ALL our healthcare providers at PacMed are the best we’ve ever had. They are professional and compassionate, understanding and knowledgeable. Everyone—from the person who checks us in to the doctors and nurses, the technicians and assistants—are truly wonderful people.”

“Stay as you are! I would like to thank the staff at the GI Clinic for a warm welcome, splendid orientation, attention to my physical comfort, and post procedure snack.”

“I would like to thank Dr. True for all his help and Trawanda, the receptionist. She was very kind and patient. She seemed truly concerned about my care.”

Dr. Barzdins thank you for everything you’ve done for my dad, for always taking time to listen and for the quick response when he needed a workup done. I would also like to thank each and every one in your office for their amazing service, from your MA Michael Canary for always doing his best to respond quickly, whether we are at the office or via MyChart messages; to your nurse Charlynn and Melissa who are very dependable. Thank you to Margaret, your social worker, for helping us write an important letter. You have an amazing team!”

“As retired people, we are quite pleased with the medical services that have been provided to us for the past 17 plus years. While all the people have been diligent in their service, we wish to specifically recognize just a few special people…the two people in the “stress test”, Dr. Yuen and his assistant”

Dr. White performed a lumpectomy on me, and when I had my most recent mammogram, the technician could hardly find my scar. She looked at me and said, “Had to be Dr. White.” I thought he should know that… What a compliment! Please pass this along to him.”

“I would like to thank Dr. Ahmed, Corey and Jody for excellent care.”

“All of the previous surgeons I’ve met with were nowhere near as attentive, caring, and well versed as Dr. Lamperti. I could not be happier with the result and overall experience I’ve had. I cannot stress how kind and caring he has been. He listened to all of my concerns and worked with me thoroughly on predicting the final result. After having this surgery finally completed, I can now say that I’m much happier and not at all self-conscious of my appearance, and for that, I’m forever thankful to have Dr. Lamperti as my surgeon.”

“Your Medical Assistants are all very good. I am a retired CMA and appreciate having knowledgeable assistants in the office. I notice how they do things. They have been very good, well trained people (both male and female).”


Our First Hill clinic is also called Madison clinic.

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