What do our patients say?

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“I want to say that Dr. Burdine is the best doctor that I ever met. She always keeps brainstorming about what could be causing your pain or problem and always orders necessary tests to check things. She also takes time with you. She doesn’t rush through the appointment. I feel very comfortable going to see her and would recommend her to others.”

“My doctor, Dr. Sieberson, is the best doctor I have ever had. She always takes the time to listen, to observe, to do the healthiest solution to any problem. I hope she will always be there at your clinic. I also visited Dr. Leu (Dermatology) and found her wonderful also.”

“Being in the food business, cleanliness is important and I have observed that they all do it properly. There is also no worry on my part about privacy as they are so careful. The areas are always clean and fresh looking, no matter how many travel through during the day.”

“Excellent care in all aspects, very thankful to have PacMed. Cannot mention enough how much my husband and I appreciate having PacMed!!!”

“The staff is beyond reproach. Their main concern has always been the welfare of the patients. I cannot thank all of them enough for what they’ve done for me.”

Dr. Niculescu was very kind and patient. This appointment was to establish care, and she was very thorough regarding my medications and the reasons for them. I felt she listened to me regarding health issues and concerns. She made sure I understood to return for blood tests and to schedule follow-up appointments.”

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