A hospitalist is a physician who provides hospital inpatient care to patients from the time they are admitted until discharge. At Pacific Medical Center our hospitalists coordinate hospital care while keeping in close contact with your primary care physician throughout the hospital stay. If there are other physicians such as surgeons or oncologists providing specialized care the hospitalist may consult with them as well.

At discharge the hospitalist provides the patient’s personal physician with a detailed report on the hospital stay, any findings or results from the hospital care, any needed follow up testing or medications as well as a discharge summary. You can expect that the hospitalist will medically manage your condition and coordinate all specialist care, testing and medication prescriptions. Unlike primary care and family medicine physicians who have busy days scheduled in their clinics, hospitalists provide and manage care only for hospitalized patients. This means they are readily available and in the hospital at all times and are able to respond quickly as medical needs change.

All of the hospitalists at Pacific Medical Center have completed training in internal medicine.

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