What to Expect During Your Stay

The Diagnostic Center for Sleep Health at Pacific Medical Centers is a first-class diagnostic and treatment facility offering a full suite of sleep disorder services provided by board-certified sleep specialists.

Upon your check-in, one of our professionals will explain the evaluation process and show you to your beautifully appointed bedroom. Here, our sleep experts apply advanced diagnostic sensors to monitor your brain waves, heart rate, breathing patterns and body movements during the night. Based on the results of this evaluation, we will provide a follow-up consultation and comprehensive care plan to treat your sleep disorder appropriately.

Our sleep center bedrooms* have been designed with all your needs in mind. Our rooms are spacious, with plenty of room for you, a guest and all of your belongings. Each bed has been custom made with a 700 coil count for your complete comfort. And our bathrooms are fully appointed with towels, soap and a shower for your convenience. Following your sleep study, we have a kitchen available for you with coffee, tea and a small snack.

*Each sleep center bedroom and bathroom is ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) certified.