Ease into new habits

ExerciseIf you were inspired to make a New Year’s resolution and are struggling, here’s some sage advice from our experts.

Start small. To set yourself up for success, bit off a small piece—not the whole beast! If your aim is to run, walk or roll 2 miles a day and you’re starting at zero, begin with a realistic goal. Start with 1 mile on two days a week. Then build up with incremental changes.

Choose function over fiction. People often set big, number-driven goals: Lose 50 pounds by summer, Do a spin class each week. It’s easy to quickly feel disconnected from such vague, unrealistic goals! Can you choose something more meaningful, more functional? Like, lose 50 pounds before our family gathering next September. Or do three spin classes each week to prepare for July’s 30-miler with Jose.

Be patient and kind. With yourself! Change can be challenging, and one of the best motivators is to create a supportive team. Find a friend or family member with a similar goal, and egg each on, offer advice and a supportive ear.

Start safe. Before making any big change to your health routine (such as kicking off a new diet or exercise regimen), schedule a visit with doctor. They can help you choose the safest approach, given your overall health, and can even help you track and adjust your progress.

Looking for a primary care provider to help you with your healthy goals? PacMed Primary Care has a robust team of providers for the whole family at nine neighborhood clinics.