New Spring Classes from the Living Well Alliance

Classes from the Living Well Alliance help local organizations provide wellness programming to their employees. Their 45- to 60-minute classes are interactive, fun, current—an easy fit for your worksite.

This spring, we are rolling out a two new Take a Break to Educate classes:

  • Participants in our new Quick, Healthy Meals class will gain skills to help them pull together nutritious meals when there is no time to spare. Together, we will discuss how to plan a meal, be efficient in the grocery store and cut corners in the kitchen to save time, dirty dishes and sanity.
  • In Brain Boost, participants will learn ways to help protect their brain against memory decline as they age. The class will touch on various nutrition and lifestyle factors.

Our up-to-date, research-based topics can help you promote health and disease prevention among your employees. All classes are taught by qualified health professionals.

Learn more at the Living Well Alliance website. For the latest class information, click the Take a Break to Educate button for class descriptions and the Program and Services button for pricing.

The Living Well Alliance is run by Pacific Medical Centers. Call us today at 1.855.550.8799 for more information or send us an email.