On-Site Nutrition Counseling from Living Well Alliance

Employees, it is time to take charge of your health! When you feel fit and well, morale improves and illnesses decreases.

Many chronic illnesses can be prevented or improved with a change in lifestyle supported by good nutrition. This is why Living Well Alliance (LWA) is introducing on-site, individualized nutrition counseling. This program is typically offered after a LWA class or screening event at the employer’s offices—so it’s easy for employees to participate. The counseling can support healthy meal planning and weight loss, ease of digestive issues, chronic disease management and other health and fitness goals.

For $200, the Nutrition Counseling program includes three visits:

  • Initial 30-minute, confidential consultation with a registered dietitian
  • Two 15- to 20-minute, individual follow-up visits with each employee, scheduled 2-4 weeks apart.

Additional sessions can be scheduled, or outside referrals can be made. Prior to meeting with the dietitian, participants will fill out a confidential form to gather personal goals and health and food history. The Living Well Alliance team will encourage the goals that employees want to focus on.

The Living Well Alliance is run by Pacific Medical Centers. Call us today at 1.206.621.4419 for more information or email LivingWellAlliance@pacmed.org.