Black History Month 2021: Committed to Health Equity

This Black History Month, we recognize the many remarkable achievements by African Americans that permeate American society—in areas as diverse as cultureartspiritualityscience and the economy. We pay tribute to our leaders who had courage and strength in the face of persecution in the past, but also as recent as 2021.

These contributions have been made in the face of tremendous systemic inequity, both historically and unfortunately still active today. As an organization, we want to do our part to honor the accomplishments of our African American colleagues and community members. We also want to acknowledge that our individual and collective contributions can positively influence the change needed for all.

PacMed’s history is steeped in efforts toward Health Equity. In the 1980s when the U.S. government closed down the public health hospital system we were part of, the many community groups we serve rallied around us to keep us operational. Our population-based approach to public health is built to bring the most effective interventions to the community for the health of all. The nonprofit, Cross Community Health Care Program, began as a PacMed program.

At PacMed, we stand for equality for all. We are committed to improving the health and wellbeing of all, and we will continue to strengthen relationships with our community partners to ensure our actions support those who receive care within our system.

—PacMed Equity Council and Executive Team