eCheck-In for All launching July 20

Effective July 20, patients with and without a MyChart account can use eCheck-In prior to their appointment.

Why is it Important?

  • eCheck-In is helping to ease the way of patients by creating a more seamless experience that complements the online scheduling process.
  • Registering on a computer or mobile device at home or on the go saves our patients stress and time the day of their appointment.
  • Online registration reduces exposure between patients and staff.

What is eCheck-In?

We now offer eCheck-In to allow patients to check-in online prior to an outpatient visit. Patients can use their computer or mobile device to complete the following prior to arriving for their appointment:

  • Complete/review personal demographics
  • Request changes, additions, or removals of clinical data, such as medications, allergies, and “health issues”(aka problems)
  • Verify their guarantor
  • E-sign a consent to treat
  • Pay a co-pay and/or account balance

What messages will I receive?

PacMed eCheck-In messages will be sent from Providence:

Mobile view (texts)

eCheck-in Mobile

Web view (email)

eCheck-in email

We look forward to making your next visit even easier with eCheck-In!