Georgia Diabetes Star

Georgia, a Diabetes STAR Patient

As retired military, Georgia knows how to be disciplined. When she was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes 15 years ago, losing weight became a top goal. She’d lost 60 pounds several times, but always gained it back. So she made a plan—and lost 130 pounds!

“I never set out to lose half my weight! That’s a goal I’d never be able to make. I’d feel defeated before I even started,” says Georgia.

Losing a Whole “Me”

Georgia looked at her weight in 10-pound increments. She’d set a goal to lose 10 pounds and then maintain her new weight for three months. Then she’d set another 10-pound goal and hold that weight. And so on.

It took Georgia four years to lose 130 pounds—an amount that’s more than her current body weight. She’s kept it off for five years. And this past spring, Georgia’s doctor took her off all her medications!

Georgia also set out to learn all she could about diabetes. She did a lot of reading. She also had some habits to change—such as dealing with stress by eating a processed sweet, like a Twinkie or Ding Dong. “Now they taste terrible!” she says. Today, she watches what she eats and finds alternatives that taste just as good.

Yea Team!

Georgia learned that the people around her play a crucial role. “I don’t let others sabotage my efforts. It’s amazing how many people do that!” she says. “I just tell them to leave me alone, that I want to eat healthy.” And that’s exactly what she does. She appreciates her friends and family who are also focused on health and encourage her.

“I wish I had known at the get-go that there are great support groups for diabetics—people who are in the same boat, who you can talk with,” adds Georgia. PacMed offers monthly support groups for patients and their supporters.

No Place to Go But Up

As for the psychological aspect to losing weight, Georgia adds, “My aunt would say that you need to reach your Benjamin Bottom—that point where there is no place else to go but up. I reached it: I was tired, couldn’t get a date… I’m a fun, nice person, and I wanted more out of life!”

Since then, Georgia has fallen in love, feels great and has an excellent team at PacMed who guide her and cheer her on. “Diabetes is not a death sentence unless you let it be,” she says. “If you want to have a normal life, there are choices.”

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