New Ways to Pay

To better serve you, on June 15, 2019, PacMed’s billing system upgraded!

For services after June 15, you can now pay your bills in MyChart—just login, or you can Pay as a Guest! This allows you to view and resolve your new balances in the same place you manage your other medical information.

As part of this change, balances for services prior to June 15, 2019, will remain in the old billing system. You will receive separate statements showing these different amounts due, until the older balances are resolved.*

To see and pay your full balance, you will need to log in to both old and new systems. We recommend keeping a close eye on billing statements to ensure you are clear on your balances due during this transition.

Services prior to June 15, 2019 Services June 15, 2019 & after
If you receive a statement like the one below (for services rendered before June 15, 2019) or older,* review and pay by clicking below. To pay a statement like the one below (for services performed on or after June 15, 2019), click below to be taken to MyChart Billpay.
Old Patient Invoice New Patient Invoice
Login with the account number from
your statement.
Login or “Pay as Guest” if you do not have a MyChart account.

Please note:

  • You will get a new account number for services you receive after June 15, 2019. Each system will require the account number from that statement, or your saved login.
  • For services you receive after June 15, 2019, your billing statement will look different (see above).
  • Your total balance may be divided across both statements & systems—if you have balances due from both before and after our new billing system takes effect. You are responsible for your entire balance, even the portion that does not appear in a given statement/system.

If you have questions about multiple statements/balances, a payment plan you are currently on, or other billing questions, please contact our billing customer service at 206.621.4392 or 1.888.774.9040.

Pay by Mail

If you prefer to pay your bill by check, please make it payable to Pacific Medical Centers. Detach the top portion of your bill and include it in an envelope along with your check. Address the stamped envelope to:

Pacific Medical Centers
PO Box 24386
Seattle, WA 98124-0386

*A small number of patients, who carry balances from services provided before November 3, 2017, will need to continue logging onto the legacy system if they wish to access and pay off those older balances online OR please call 206.621.4392 or 1.888.774.9040