LWA: Taking a webinar or yoga class

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The Living Well Alliance (LWA) has transformed into a fully virtual service these last few months as we cope with COVID-19. With webinars and yoga classes, LWA continues to create new content and offer price deals for these online services.

When taking LWA learning online, keep these reminders in mind:

  1. Allow time to download the appropriate e-learning software before the class (15 minutes for a new program is recommended).
  2. Engage with the instructor and others in the class in ways that feel comfortable to you—whether that is video participation or using the chat function. This can help keep the class engaging and allows you to give the speaker input on what information you want to learn about. The LWA staff love questions!
  3. Be open to something new and different. Some topics may not be your first choice but being open to new topics and activities like yoga can expand your knowledge base and lead you to other courses on a similar topic. Always leave a seminar naming one new thing that you learned regardless of your initial opinion on that topic!
  4. At the end of each class, it’s advantageous to make a goal related to the topic to take what you learn to the next level—putting lifestyles changes into action.
  5. If you have trouble focusing during an online presentation, take the presentation on the go. It’s fun to download the appropriate programs on your phone and get in your daily walk while listening to the live or recorded content.

Happy e-learning!

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