Summertime and Your Kids

Parents, what fun activities are your kids doing this summer? Staying physically fit is as important as completing their summer reading list! Be sure to mix fun with safety for a successful summer.

Safety first! Avoid injury and promote safety:

  •  Stay hydrated. Always take water with you for outside activities.
  •  Be a smart hiker. Take a rain jacket and warm layers, plus water and snacks. Tell someone exactly where you will hike and when you should be back.
  •  Take care in the sun. Apply sunscreen at least 20 minutes before going outside.
  •  Stretch first. Do some simple stretches to loosen up before walking or hiking.
  •  Protect the head. Ensure kids wear helmets when riding a bike, skateboard, scooter or other toy. Ask an expert to help you properly fit your child’s helmet so that it’s snug, level and comfortable.
  •  Take care in the heat. Be cautious with vigorous outside activities during the midday heat.
  •  Water fun? Keep eyes on the kids. When around water, give children your full attention—kids aren’t safe just because they know how to swim. Even a bucket, fountain or shallow wading pool is a drowning hazard. Drain containers when play is done.
  •  Check pool for safety measures. Choose pools with high fences that lock, lifeguards on duty and safety/rescue equipment nearby.
  •  Wear life jackets. On boats or docks, make sure all children wear a well-fitted life jacket that’s Coast Guard approved.

Now—get those kids moving! Here are some ideas:

  • Run through a sprinkler.
  • Go to a beach and skip rocks, look for small critters in the sand and rocks, or count seagulls.
  • Take a walk along a river. Keep an eye out for fish, insects or other creatures using the water.
  • Fly a kite.
  • Shoot hoops at the local school playground.
  • Play “follow the leader” at a nearby park or through the neighborhood.
  • Learn to hula hoop.
  • Get together with friends and have relay races, keep a beach ball up in the air, do somersaults, roll down a small hill, play tug-o-war, etc.

Active, physical exercise helps children increase self-confidence, boost coordination and build strong muscles and bones—along with a healthy appetite!

Have questions about child safety and health? Our pediatricians can help.