What Do Our Patients Say?

Frances William-Clayton, PacMed patient

Frances William-Clayton avoided getting a mammogram for many years. She wasn’t afraid of what she’d find out. She was afraid of the procedure itself. According to Frances, the one time she had had a mammogram, the machine hurt her and the technologist was neither gentle nor sympathetic.

All her fear melted away when she entered PacMed’s Diagnostic and Wellness Center for Women. “It was so comforting in there,” Frances says. And when it came to the actual mammogram, she saw new digital machines and technologists keen on taking care of the patient. Says Frances, “It wasn’t bad—even when they were doing the pressing. I didn’t feel any pain.”

Frances has shared her experience with many people, “I told them about the feel of PacMed’s Diagnostic & Wellness Center for Women. It’s all about women, it’s feminine, it’s relaxing. It’s about life and taking care of yourself, and feeling good about yourself. I tell women to just do it—and many of them do. I describe the new digital machines, the quality services, and how everything went fast and it didn’t hurt.” And the Diagnostic & Wellness Center for Women is where I recommend that they go.”

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