COVID-19 Testing

Now that public testing sites are fully functioning, our early-response Drive-Thru clinics have closed and we have diverted these resources to other pressing needs.

Please follow the guidance below based on your reason for getting tested:

COVID Testing – if you have symptoms or would like to be tested

  1. Go public. Public testing sites are now the best option. They have more availability, earlier appointment times, and lower potential cost to you:

    You can visit these sites directly. You do not need a doctor’s visit or referral before getting a public test.

  2. If you want to see the doctor first.
    • Call us to schedule a virtual visit
    • The doctor may still recommend you visit a public testing site (above), or give you instructions for coming in to clinic safely for a test.

    Getting your results will be different at each location. Ask your testing center where you test. If you require follow-up care, we may that request you share the test results with us.

    If you test negative but still have symptoms, call us to schedule a virtual visit.
    If you test positive, please call us for care coordination so we can triage your needs.

COVID Testing – Before a procedure

Some procedures require a COVID test beforehand. Your care team will let you know if you need one.

When you schedule your procedure, you should also schedule your COVID testing appointment for 3 days beforehand. Earlier or later tests may not be usable.

Testing is available at PacMed Renton, First Hill or Canyon Park clinics during the following times:

  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday
  • 10 AM–12 PM or 1 PM–3 PM

Your COVID test will take about 15 minutes. We can help you set that up.

IMPORTANT: If you have COVID symptoms before your scheduled test, do not come into clinic for your test.

Pre-procedure results from tests done at PacMed will be available via MyChart. We may also contact you if we need to discuss your results.


Does PacMed offer drive-thru COVID testing?
Not anymore. We were one of the earliest local medical groups to offer drive-thru testing, and continued through mid-October, 2020. By then, the county and city testing network was well established, and we closed our drive-thru testing to redirect our full resources back to patient care.

What testing does PacMed offer?
PacMed uses the PCR swab test for active COVID-19 infections for current patients who qualify.

Does PacMed offer antibody testing?
Not at this time. COVID-19 antibody tests were rapidly developed and are currently under review by the FDA and other federal organizations. The meaning of the results is not fully understood and may not provide the answers you are seeking. We do not recommend antibody testing at this time. We will continue to update recommendations in accordance with emerging evidence and expert guidance from the Centers Disease Control (CDC) and Infectious Diseases Society of America.

Please visit the CDC website and IDSA for more information.

Stay up to date with our COVID-19 recommendations and updates on our coronavirus webpage.

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