Month: July 2020

Infectious Disease and Measles

Dr. Sharma, was interviewed on KOMO radio about infectious disease and measles. What are the symptoms of measles? Do you need a booster shot? Why is measles so dangerous? Listen to the radio clip below and learn more about this highly contagious illness.

Mental Health and the Tech Industry

Chuck is interviewed on Warm 106.9 about mental health issues in the tech industry. Many challenges exist for the employees who often relocate for these jobs and don’t have a support network in place to support them in the stressful situations, long hours and competition. And it’s very often men, with the issue being that there’s some expectation that they should be tough, and not show emotion.


Mental Illness and Homelessness

Listen to Chuck’s interview on Warm 106.9 about mental illness and homelessness where he contributes to the conversation about mental health and mental illness in our city’s homeless population. We are seeing the homeless population grow in our communities in and around Seattle and many of these people may have a mental illness. Chuck shares insights of ways that we can help.


Suicide Prevention

Chuck talks with Warm 106.9 about suicide and suicide prevention. Certainly having more public conversations about suicide is going to move us forward to being better and more compassionate friends, family and coworkers to those who struggle with suicidal thoughts. Chuck brings insights and talks about the community Walks in October.



Preventing Heart Disease

Dr. Parikh was interviewed about preventing heart disease and living a heart healthy life. Find out more by playing the radio clip below! This radio interview was played on KKNW 1150 AM, KIXI 880 AM, KQMV “Movin’ 92.5” FM and 6 KNUC 98.9 FM “The Bull”

Injuries of the Elbow

Dr. Marion was interviewed on KOMO radio about one of his specialties, injuries of the elbow. He discusses ligament injuries, Seahawk Richard Sherman’s injury, Tommy John surgery (TJS), also known as ulnar collateral ligament (UCL) reconstruction and more. Listen below.

Dr. Becke on bug bites

Dr. Becke was interviewed on KOMO radio about Bug Bites. Find out what kind of bites are prevalent in our area, what you can do to prevent them and what to do when you get them. Listen to part 1 and 2 of the radio clip below and learn more!

Part 1


Part 2