Practice Type: Primary Care

Physicians who practice primary care focus on the general care of patients. They are often the first health care provider whom a patient sees. Primary care physicians usually provide continuing care for patients over a long time and they often coordinate the specialized care that a patient may receive from different medical specialists.

Med-Peds (Internal Medicine and Pediatrics)

Med-Peds is the short name for the specialty that combines Internal Medicine and Pediatrics. Med-Peds physicians provide care for all ages, from newborns to geriatric patients.

With their extensive training in internal medicine and pediatrics, these physicians offer comprehensive primary care. They can deliver preventive care and treat complex diseases in infants, children, teens and adults. They are board certified in both internal medicine and pediatrics.

Primary Care

Everyone needs a primary care doctor—the one who conducts your physicals, the one you call when you twist your ankle, get stung by a bee, or eat something funny. Some doctors treat entire families; others see only children or only adults. Here are some details to help you find the best primary care doctor for you.

Family Medicine – Care for all individuals

At the heart of this specialty is the patient-physician relationship. Our family medicine physicians cover all areas of a family’s health and wellness, including care for children, women, and men, plus gynecology and aging issues. These specialists provide a medical home to their patients and look out for the overall health of the entire family by knowing them as a whole. They are also responsible for the coordination of any specialty care the patient may need.

Internal Medicine – Care for adults

Internal medicine physicians have had extensive training in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of adult diseases, both chronic and acute, and provide care for individuals ages 18 and older. Our internal medicine physicians are equipped to deal with whatever problem a patient brings—no matter how common or rare, simple or complex—from preventive care to chronic disease. If additional medical specialists are needed, our internists will coordinate their patient’s care.

Pediatrics – Care for children

When it comes to the health and well-being of children, our pediatricians combine warm, compassionate care with the knowledge that comes from advanced training and experience. Pediatric patients are rapidly growing and changing, and these specialists care for them in a thoughtful and concerted way to meet the child’s ever-changing needs. Our pediatricians can perform well-child checkups, sports physicals, back-to-school checkups and vaccines, and treat sports injuries. From infancy to any stage of childhood, our pediatricians will follow the development of your child and work with you to ensure the optimal health and well-being of your family.


PacMed is proud to support doctors in their advanced training and continually partners with the University of Washington and Swedish Medical Center residency programs to help strengthen future Internal Medicine and Family Medicine physicians. Residents have graduated from four years of medical school and are now receiving additional training in their area of practice. You may meet these resident physicians at one of our PacMed clinics.

There is a core group of UW Internal Medicine residents who see patients at our Beacon Hill and First Hill clinics as part of their regularly scheduled outpatient training. Internal Medicine residency is three years in length, and these residents will work with us throughout those years of advanced training. Residents are supervised by attending physicians from within our clinic.

Learn more about our Residency Program in partnership with UW Medicine.


PacMed now offers convenient online scheduling for new and returning patients, including in-person or virtual appointments. You may also call 425.412.7200. 

Pediatrics is the branch of medicine concerned with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases of infants, children, adolescents and young adults. They are the only physicians whose patients are rapidly growing and changing. At Pacific Medical Centers, all of our pediatricians are certified by the American Board of Pediatrics.

When it comes to the health and well being of children, Pacific Medical Centers’ pediatricians combine warm, compassionate care with the knowledge that comes from advanced training and experience. Our physicians provide care that encompasses a broad spectrum of health services ranging from preventive health care to well child checkups and sports physicals/sports injuries, to the diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic disease. You can count on our pediatricians to help:

  • Ensure normal growth and development
  • Prevent illness and injury
  • Diagnose and treat illness or other conditions
  • Communicate with caregivers to ensure they understand as much as possible about their children’s growth, development and overall picture of health.

Moreover, we offer a library of helpful articles written by our pediatricians and family medicine doctors on topics that affect you and your child, from eating healthy to sleeping tips. Read the articles here.

At PacMed, we know how busy you are. That’s why we structured our pediatric and family medicine practices to accommodate your working schedule and the all-consuming needs of your most important job–parenting. We offer:

  • Acceptance of most major insurance plans
  • Early-morning or late-evening clinic hours available
  • Child-friendly waiting rooms with toys and books
  • Free parking
  • A consistent regional leader in quality health care delivery, as recognized by the Washington Health Alliance

Visit our Canyon Park Pediatrics practice page for more information about our pediatrics in Bothell.

Many of our Family Medicine Providers see newborns, kids, and teens. Learn more.

PacMed also offers family medicine with obstetrics. Learn more.


Internal Medicine

Internal medicine physicians are experts in adult healthcare. Sometimes they are referred to as “internists” or “general internists.” They have had extensive training in the prevention and treatment of adult diseases, both chronic and acute, and provide care for patients from their late teenage years and on.

Because of their specialized knowledge, internal medicine physicians are often called upon as consultants to other physicians to help solve complex or puzzling diagnostic problems. They are trained to deal with any issue a patient may have from preventive care and common disorders to chronic disease. And although they are primary care providers, they do not treat children or deliver babies, or perform surgeries, as family and general practitioners do.

Some internists are additionally trained and board-certified in specialties. For example, an internal medicine physician may be certified in cardiology or geriatrics. Internal medicine physicians are also good at unraveling diagnostic “knots” and treating patients who have several chronic illnesses at one time.

Family Medicine with Obstetrics

Family Medicine, also known as Family Practice, is the medical specialty that provides comprehensive care for the individual and family, covering the spectrum from birth to aging issues. When you are choosing your family doctor, you might want to consider whether childbirth is in your future, and if so, who will assist you through your pregnancy and beyond.

Combining family medicine and obstetrics in one practice is more than a matter of convenience – though being able to see your family doctor for all of your medical needs certainly streamlines care and saves time. When your family medicine physician is also your obstetrician, he or she can begin caring for the newest member of your family before your child is even born by keeping you at your healthiest and ensuring that you receive optimal prenatal care.

At Pacific Medical Centers, we currently have six family medicine physicians who offer obstetric services, caring for mothers and their babies throughout pregnancy, delivery, and into well-child checkups. Our Beacon Hill clinic has all of the services you’ll need throughout pregnancy, including on-site ultrasound, non-stress testing, and laboratory services. Our physicians attend our patients’ deliveries at nearby Swedish Medical Center’s state-of-the art birthing center, which offers a level III nursery on First Hill in Seattle.

From confirming your pregnancy to overseeing your family’s ongoing primary care, our board-certified family medicine and obstetric practitioners are ready to nurture a relationship with your family across generations.

Family Medicine

Family Medicine, also known as Family Practice, is the medical specialty that provides comprehensive care for the individual and family. These physicians diagnose and treat the full range of issues people bring to the doctor.

Family Medicine practitioners cover all areas of general health care including pediatric and adolescent health, women’s health and gynecology, men’s health and aging issues. More than 20 board-certified Family Medicine physicians care for patients at Pacific Medical Centers locations throughout the Seattle area.

At the heart of this specialty is the patient-physician relationship. Our physicians value, develop and nurture this relationship among family members. You can depend on complete, personal care from medical professionals who take special interest in your unique health needs and in you as a person. And, they view every aspect of a person’s life as important to overall health. In addition to providing comprehensive care, our Family Medicine physicians can refer you to specialty care as needed.